Resources for Beekeepers:

Maine Bee Supply Outlets_001

Maine Apiary Licensing  Info

Application for Apiary License

Maine Apiary Licensing  Info

Bush Farms – link to understanding bee math

Honey Bee Health Coalition – Varroa Mite Mgt.

Maine State Beekeepers Association

Honey Bee Research Centre ~ University of Guelph, Canada

Beebase (founded Wales/Scotland) Great info on anything Bees

Checklists for hive inspections/Beekeeping records:

 Hive Inspection Sheet Puget Sound Beekeepers Assoc.

 Beekeeping Records – British Beekeepers Assoc.

Healthy Colony Checklist_001


Some beekeeping apps for those who like technology:

Api Track;  BeeCloudBeehive Tracker;  Beetight;  Hive TracksMy Beekeeper






7 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Hello, I am thinking about getting bees and looking for an experienced beekeeper who could answer some questions for me. I live in Auburn. Also, could you put my email on your list so I could get an announcement about your next meeting? Thanks.
    Matt Darlington

  2. I am trying to find a local source for bulk bees wax. I run Road’s End Outfitters, a company that creates solutions for todays outdoorsman. I need the wax as part of a recipe for boot/leather dressing. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Pete

    • Hi Pete,
      I’ll ask club members at our next meeting whether any of them render wax and have it available for sale. When you say “bulk” what quantities do you mean? One pound, 10 pounds, 100 pounds? That will make quite a difference in the final answer.
      One person you might contact would be Rick Cooper of Bees-n-me. (telephone: (207) 666-5643 | email: Rick is a master beekeeper and has been around a long time. If he does not have wax for sale, he might be able to point you in the right direction.

      Pete Schlax
      ABC Vice President

  3. My husband and I may be moving to Livermore falls and want to have bees but are not sure what the rules are, can anyone tell me if we need a permit since the house is is in downtown.

  4. Reading online I see the only place in Maine that beekeeping is illegal is Lewiston….. the info was rather old … is this still the case? If not what are the rules in Lewiston?

    Secondly can someone just turn up to the bee meetings without some sort of membership?

    • Good morning,
      The best thing to do is call city hall to make sure that Bee hives are allowed in Lewiston. We have several members that live in Lewiston who have hives, but that is only anecdotal.
      You may also visit for Maine law.
      As far as our meetings, please come, they are open to the public. We hope if you are intending on having hives that you will consider being a part of our group and that you will join us for a modest $12/year membership fee.
      Best wishes,
      Sonya Sampson

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