June Nucleus Colonies

At the May Meeting, several club members asked about possible sources for more bees this Spring/Summer.  We were contacted by someone at Stone Corner Farm in New Sharon, Maine about hives and nucs for sale.  None of the regular club members have experience with bees from Stone Corner Farm, but we wanted to pass this along for interested members.  Here’s the message we received:

Nuc’s for sale for mid June pick up.  $140 with a $35 box deposit which you get back when you return the nuc box.

Hives for sale – top, bottom board and 1 deep and the bees and queen. $225.

Also used equipment including: deeps with frames,  supers, bottom boards, candy boards, shims, tops, inner covers.

All of our hives have been inspected by Tony Jadzack.


email: stonecornerfarm@gmail.com or call (207) 491-1731 for more information.

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