Formed in 2011, the Androscoggin Beekeepers Club is a group of experienced beekeepers, novice beekeepers, and those merely curious about beekeeping. The purpose of the group is to exchange information, help others, and generate enthusiasm for the art and science of beekeeping…especially in the unique Maine environment.

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Bill Hiss

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Sonya Sampson

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Charlie Armstrong

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  1. I believe I have a hive of honeybees in the wall of my house in Lewiston. I wonder someone in your organization would like to rescue them. Free to a good home!

  2. I m looking for a site that will help us to look for establishing bee hive or hives on our property here in Greene. Apple trees,Peach trees and plenty of wild Maine wild blueberries along with my wifes flower gardens. I had bee hives in the many past years many years ago In Hampden , Maine and would love to have a hive or so on my property if applicable. Might want to rent a hive if possible.
    Carl and Faith Anderson

    • Hello Carl and Faith,
      I will bring your request up at the next ABC meeting (Weds, Feb 11). It might be that one of the club members would like to increase their number of hives and moving one to your yard could be mutually beneficial. I will let you know what I hear. Or better yet, you can come to the meeting and hear for yourself! 🙂
      Our next meeting will have a presentation by Prof. Frank Drummond of the University of Maine (Orono) about colony collapse disorder (CCD) and its effect on Maine honey bees.

  3. Dumb question.. I have been studying the health benefits of raw, unpasteurized honey, as there are many more than I realized. I have a bit of arthritis, and I have recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Not bad, but being treated with a single 500 mg dose of Metformin daily. I want to start a regimen of “honey water” every morning. I live in Lewiston, and would like to know if anyone locally sells raw honey. I know the health food stores do, but most of it is imported from Brazil. I would like to purchase locally, from right here in Maine. Thank you for your time!

  4. interested in beekeeping and live in Lewiston. Haven’t purchased anything yet and would like to get to experience before doing so. Taking a beekeeping course in Falmouth (tonight in fact) through the extension. Wanted to attend the meeting tomorrow but have mushroom growing class Wednesday nights through March. Available almost any time to help or volunteer, since I’m retired. Please let me know.

  5. I’ve been fascinated with bees and hives and such for years, but I don’t really know much at all about it. My property may or may not be suitable for bees and I could use some advice as to whether or not to get into this intriguing hobby.
    I live in Lisbon Falls on a couple of acres, which is about half wooded. Behind me is a large field that was pasture years ago, but the woods separate my back yard from it. How does one determine if this location would support a hive or two?

  6. I have a pesky nest in one of my small trees. I would like to get rid of it, but I do not want to kill the bees if possible. Can you recommend someone or a service that deals with this.
    Thank you,
    Jan Hogan

  7. I am interested in re-establishing my hives. I’ve been away from beekeeping for about 12 years now. (I moved away and recently returned to Maine.)
    I have two questions…
    1) Is this a good time of year to establish a new hive?
    2) Is there someone in the Androscoggin County area that sells nucs?
    Thanks for any help you can provide.


  8. Good Morning I am looking to establishing bee hive or hives on my property in Minot. I have a fruit orchard, blue berry patch and rhubarb beds and a walnut grove and 8 acres I keep in pasture. I would like to find someone willing to keep and maintain several hives on the property, I am mainly focused on establishing honey bees on my farm. At this time they could keep the honey that is produced. Thank you for your help Andrew

  9. I am looking to take the next bee keeping class. I live in Bethel but am willing to commute for a good class. I am a true newby, though I do have a BS in Bio. so have some knowledge of bees. I have no gear, hives, or anything, but I have a wonderful yard with raspberries, pear, apple, plum trees, grapes too. I’m really wanting to learn how to do this. A class I figured is a good place to start? I hope its not too late to start. Thanks for your time.

  10. Hello,

    I am the librarian at Lisbon High School, and also a beekeeper in Brunswick. One of our faculty members has a sizable organic garden and lives in Lewiston. He is inquiring if you have knowledge of any beekeepers who live within 2-3 miles of 5 St. Joseph Avenue. He might be interested in renting a hive for pollination services. Personally, all of mine are spoken for.

    Thank you.

  11. I need help with finding a bee group or classes that I can take, I’m a new beekeeper with a lot to learn!

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