Hive Opening at Whiting Farm, Sunday, Nov. 10 at 12 Noon, 876 Summer St., Auburn

Hi Folks–

Our next two meetings:  Hive opening this Sunday, Nov. 10, at noon at Whiting Farm, 876 Summer St., Auburn.  This will be our November meeting: no meeting at the West Auburn  Congregational Church on Wednesday, Nov.. 13.

Our December meeting will be at the normal time: Wednesday, Dec. 11 at 6:30.  The program will be a little different: “A Maine Beekeeper in Vietnam.”  I am just back from nine weeks as a volunteer consultant to a new university in Saigon, and will offer an illustrated PPT talk on the environmental issues facing Vietnam, and a few humorous reflections on my geezer adventure twelve time zones from Maine.

The Whiting Farm Hives.  You might remember that the Androscoggin Beekeepers Club installed two hives in June at the Whiting Farm in Auburn.  They are to be teaching hives that we can use to train new beekeepers, offer programs, expose people interested in the bees, and the like.  And they will help with pollination at the Whiting Farm, a non-profit now owned and managed the Murphy Homes organization.

Several members of the Club have been checking on the hives over the summer and fall, and both were growing.  At a recent visit, it was found that one of the hives was without a queen, so the two hives were merged, and that seems to have gone successfully.

To have a last look before winter and be ready to close up the hive, we will have a hive opening this Sunday, Nov, 10, at noon.  Depending on weather, this may be a quick or more extended opening, but we wanted to offer the members a chance to see the hive before winter came.

The hives are up in back of the plastic greenhouses at Whiting’s.  You can either park by the greenhouses and walk about 100 yards to the hives, or drive up one of the dirt tracks between the greenhouses and come right to the hives.  When Charlie Armstrong and I were there this last weekend, one of the farm managers was plowing up a new field immediately next to the hives, which they will plant mostly in berries: blueberries, blackberries, and others. The bees and the berries will presumably both be happy with their close neighborhood arrangement!  Snaps of the hive and the new berry field below.

Bill Hiss