Hive Opening at Rick Drottar’s hives, Aug. 10 at 11 am

Hi folks–
Several of us have gotten nucs from Rick Drotter, and he is doing great work growing hives and queens. He is a walking example of what Phil Gavin from the Honey Exchange talked to us about, of growing our own queens and nucs, to build more resistance to weather and infestations.
Rick will host a hive opening at his home at 95 Webster Road in Lisbon, on Saturday, Aug. 10 at 11 AM. The rain date is exactly a week later, on Aug. 17 at the same time.
Rick has had great success with his hives in recent years, and this hive opening can be a great learning experience for us.
Also, I have checked on the two hives which the ABC has installed at Whiting’s Farm in Auburn, and they seem to be off to a good start, filling out foundation, so that I added a medium box of empty foundation to each hive, and refilled the sugar water jugs.
I am away on a family trip from today, 7/22, until Aug. 7. Charlie and Dan will keep an eye on the hives for that time.
Cheers! Bill