Managing Varroa Mites: Oxalic Acid and Other Treatments at April 10th Meeting

Shoveling out the hives!


At our March meeting, after a wonderful Beekeepers’ Potluck Supper (eat your hearts out, those who could not attend), we talked about the various ways to administer oxalic acid as a treatment for varroa mites.  Several members of our ABC group are using oxalic acid now, and several others are interested in using it.  We decided to have a home-grown meeting for April, with those using oxalic acid bringing samples of their equipment for a “dry run” show and tell, and discussion of the various approaches that we have tried in recent years to keep varroa mites under the best control we can.

As usual. we will start with a “business meeting” and brain dump on general topics at 6:30, with our discussion of administration of oxalic acid first, and then any discussion of other forms of mite control.

As always, coffee and dessert will be supplied, and by then the West Auburn Congregational Church parking lot should be mostly dried out.

Give me a call or email with any questions–576-4497 or