October 2017 ABC Meeting

“Pie and Coffee Brain Dump”
6:30 PM
Wednesday, Oct. 11
Vestry of the West Auburn Congregational Church
It seems like a mixed year for many of us, with some hives producing well and others with puzzles.  Rather than have a speaker on a topic, let’s have a brain dump, with members sharing from this season.
We will provide a variety of good pies from Wallingford’s Orchards, coffee and tea and various cold drinks.
We will have the projector and screen set up, so send slides of your hives to Bill (whiss@bates.edu) as email attachments, and he will have them loaded and ready to go, so you can speak to your hive’s issues, plus or minus.  Or bring the slides on a thumb drive, and we can load them at the meeting.
In lieu of a September meeting, we had a very helpful hive opening at the home of Glen and Susie Wendlend in Durham.  They have two first-year hives, using Russian queens. It was an eye-opener for most of us: the hives have been stunningly productive for a first-year effort.
Hoping to see you on Wednesday!