Hive Opening, September 10th, 1 PM

Hive Opening, Sunday, Sept. 10, 1 PM

Gene and Susie Wendland, new members of the Androscoggin Beekeepers, will be hosting a hive opening at their new hives in place of a normal September evening meeting.   We will gather at their home: 824 Royalsborough Road, Durham  04222-5331.  Royalsborough Road is Route 136 from New Auburn down to Freeport.  Their house is about a mile past the country store, and they will have a sign up to show you to turn left off of 136 onto a dirt road right before their house, as their hives are about 30 yards down this dirt road.

Gene and Susie started their hives this spring with Russian Queens from Phil and Meghan Gavin at the Honey Exchange.  Many of you know Phil and Meghan, and will recall that he gave a presentation for the ABC on Russian Queens.  Gene’s and Susie’s bees have taken off like a rocket, and they are in almost perfect location, next to a water source and with ample fields around them.  For those of you interested in learning about Russian Queens, this will be a fine opportunity.