September Meeting: Russian Stock – improving your odds of winter success, the why and how

The next meeting of the Androscoggin Beekeepers Club (ABC) will be held Wednesday, September 9th at Edward Little High School in Auburn.  Club business will be conducted from 6:30 PM to 7:00 PM followed by the presentation “Russian Stock – improving your odds of winter success, the why and how.”

Phil the Beekeeper

Our speaker will be Phil Gavin of the Honey Exchange in Portland, Maine.  In the United States, the vast majority of hobbyist and commercial beekeepers manage hives containing the Italian honeybee.  However a small but growing number of beekeepers are moving to other varieties of honeybees.  Phil is an Eastern Apicultural Society certified master beekeeper who keeps stocks of Russian honey bees.  He is also a supplier of Russian bees and educates others in their management. A survey of local beekeepers maintaining approximately 100 hives indicated that about half of the hives succumbed last winter. Phil’s talk will emphasize why Russian bees might help increase survival of hives over the harsh Maine winters.

Phil’s ABC sponsored presentation is open to the public.